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CoinWind Has Stopped Parts of the LP Pools Revenue Distribution
CoinWind COW Mascot Competition
CoinWind (ETH) will add EPK single token mining at 6 PM on August 11
CoinWind Will Launch DAO at 6 PM, August 2nd SGT
CoinWind Will Add COW-USDT LP Pool
CoinWind Will Launch on Ethereum and Will Host a $30,000 COW Giveaway with CoinMarketCap
CoinWind will Launch on Ethereum at 8 PM, July 20th - With a $2,000 COW Airdrop
CoinWind X HECO Joint Airdrop
CoinWind Launched COW Mining Pools, Please Migrate From MDX Pools As Soon As Possible
CoinWind Has Participated in O3 Swap Icing Sugar Pool voting
CoinWind Participated in the Joint Airdrop with HECO Chain and Ellipal
CoinWind Will Add COW Strategy USDC Single Token Mining at 6 PM June 18th (SGT)
CoinWind Will Add COW Strategy DOT single token Mining at 7 PM June 17th (SGT)
CoinWind Will Add COW Strategy CAKE single token Mining at 7 PM June 16th (SGT)
CoinWind Announces Its Official Participation in HECO Global Node Election
CoinWind and Poly Network Reached a Strategic Cooperation
CoinWind Has Airdropped 500,000 COW Tokens to Early Participants
CoinWind Becomes the First IMO Project on MDEX (HECO&BSC)
CoinWind LP Mining Has Officially Launched at 8 PM April 26 (SGT)
CoinWind Will Launch Version 2.0 at 8 PM April 19th(SGT)
CoinWind and Mdex Reached a Strategic Partnership
CoinWind will land on Binance Smartchain on April 12th (SGT)
CoinWind Won the Second Phase of HECO "Gold Medal Creator"
CoinWind Has Stopped the V1 Version Income Distribution, Please Transfer Funds to the V2 version In
CoinWind Will Launch New Reinvestment Strategy at 2 PM (SGT) on March 29
CoinWind Will Launch V2 Version at 2 PM (SGT) on March 17th
CoinWind Officially Upgraded to
CoinWind is About to Launch on HECO