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Welcome to CoinWind

COINWIND.PRO is an intelligent protocol based on decentralized aggregate mining. We currently rank 8th across the network as a revenue aggregator with the highest TVL and 40th for the highest TVL across all DeFi projects. We aim to maximize the benefits of participants through applications such as liquidity mining and staking node pledges, as well as achieve ecological closed-loop mechanisms through DAO. Our platform offers users the option to participate in liquidity mining by utilizing single currencies or an LP. Users can also participate in node pledge mining through the staking projects we offer.

CoinWind is committed to building a DeFi intelligent mining financial platform by integrating revenue aggregators and DAO. Welcome to COINWIND.PRO.

CoinWind currently has three main sections: liquidity mining, staking node pledge, and DAO.

Liquidity mining

After adding liquidity on HECO, BSC, or ETH, users can pledge LP tokens to obtain rewards.

✅ Single currency pledge mining

CoinWind automatically matches pledged currencies through the use of smart contracts while utilizing hedging strategies to avoid impermanent losses. This will maximize the user’s income and effectively reduce the risks of loss from single currency mining and LP mining.

Advantages of single currency pledge mining:

  • Reduces the risk of losses with single currency mining

  • Automatically reinvests your profits to maximize your portfolio

  • Low barriers to participating

  • Able to deposit and withdraw at any time

  • Hedges against impermanent losses

Visit our single token mining tutorial for different modes of participation.

Participate in single currency pledge mining here:


✅ LP pledge mining

LP pledge mining is a high-yield product provided by CoinWind for liquidity mining users.

The user can start participating by providing liquidity on the currency pair in the corresponding DEX. The DEX will issue LP tokens, which the user can then deposit on CoinWind to generate a single currency revenue. The generated single currency revenue will be reinvested every 5-10 minutes to maximize the returns for our users.

Advantages of LP pledge mining:

  • Saves users’ time and effort by autonomous reinvestment strategies that reduce the number of user operations.

  • More savings for users as the platform absorbs miner fees from reinvestments.

  • Income is collected and compounded automatically to maximize profits.

  • Reduced risk of impermanent loss from single currency income

Visit our LP mining tutorial for different modes of participation.

Participate in LP pledge mining here:


Staking node pledge

✅ Staking

Staking is a DeFi revenue product provided by CoinWind for users to participate in node pledge mining. We offer various node mining products such as FIL, DOT, ADA, and more.

Staking features:

  • Higher yield options with a longer lock-up period

  • Varied lock-up durations to choose from across different projects

  • Asset class is more secure, where there is no loss in principal deposit.

  • CoinWind utilizes processes such as node multi-signature management to ensure the security of your assets.

  • Transparency in capital flow

Visit our Staking mining tutorial for different modes of participation

Participate in LP pledge mining here:



DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organization. A DAO utilizes blockchain technology to form an organization that is not governed by any central power, made possible by its native token.

CoinWind is a DeFi platform that has its own native token known as $COW, where holders will be able to participate in governance functions in the future.

Participate in DAO here:



For questions about using CoinWind, please check our FAQ.

Purpose of CoinWind

At CoinWind, we aim to create a DeFi digital asset bank, that offers high-yield, safe and reliable products. To maximize your returns, we will mobilize deposited tokens across different pools, which will be injected into various projects following a diversification of strategies.

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