Staking FAQs

1. What is the difference between Staking and Single Token Lossless Mining?

2. Why do I need to wait for so long to unlock after I operated to unstake?

After unstaking your assets, you will still have to wait for you assets to be unlocked. Please note that this duration is limited by the project node staking rule and has nothing to do with CoinWind.

3. Is the staking income fixed or floating?

The staking income is floating. This is dynamically adjusted according to node mining income.

4. How are staking fees charged?

To participate in staking, users only need to pay the contract fee for participating in the project. This part of the fee is the cost of the contract call, and CoinWind will not charge any other fees.

5. How to check my certificate after purchasing the item?

Head to your wallet to find the successful transaction record, and click in to view the certificate.

Click the arrow icon to view the transactions on the chain.

Find the “TokenTransferred” column and click on the token to check all details.

Find the information overview module, then head on over to the contract column. Copy the contract address and go to the wallet to add token.

Click “Import Token”, and fill in all required information to add the token, After adding the token, you can make the deposit and view the certificate in the wallet.


  1. Each time you make a deposit into a project, you will get a unique token certificate to reflect your assets. Upon expiration, you are able to retrieve the asset with the certificate. To ensure the safety of your assets, please do not transfer the certificate to others.

  2. Once you transfer the certificate to another person, you will not be able to retrieve the income generated from the projects you participated on.

  3. The certificate is a ERC-721 token. If you don't invest the principal once in a regular Staking project, a certificate will be generated; the number of certificates = the number of your holding projects.

6. How to check the whereabouts of funds participating in the staking?

Select the project you are participating in and click on the funding strategy. You will be able to view the miner account information and address information.

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