CICOW(Compound Interest CowToken)

Token Introduction

CICOW (Compound Interest CowToken) is a compound interest contract token of the CoinWind contract protocol, with no upper limit on the total amount;

CICOW is released along with the user compound interest generation, with no other release path. In the CoinWind contract, users can exchange CICOW for COW through the contract, and users holding CICOW can participate in DAO to obtain income, etc. Pass-through.

Contract Address


Total Amount

No total amount cap

Pass Acquisition Method

CICOW can only be obtained by users who participate in the Staking mining project after generating compound interest, there is no other way to obtain it.

Token Meaning

Users can participate in the project through the CICOW compound interest pool in the DAO to gain income, and also can exchange CICOW into COW to participate in other projects, etc.

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