Token Introduction

CS (Cow-Staking-Pos) is an NFT program launched by CoinWind exclusively for use in Staking projects. CS only serves as a holding credential for users in Staking projects and has no investment value.

In the Staking program released by CoinWind, users who participate in the investment program receive Pass-through.

Contract Address


Total Amount

No total amount cap

Token acquisition method

  1. When a user participates in the Staking regular or current program, the contract will issue the pass to the user;

  2. Other users will transfer the pass to a specific user.

Token Meaning

  1. For the safety of your assets, please do not transfer the token to others;

  2. Once you transfer the token to others, you will not be able to get the assets you deposited and the income generated by the project; and it cannot be retrieved;

  3. The holding token is ERC-721 token, Staking regular project will generate one token if you do not invest the principal once; the number of tokens = the number of projects you hold.

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