Deposit and Withdrawal

1. Deposit failure

a. Insufficient balance: Please confirm that the token held by the user is supported by the project. For example, WHT and HT are two different tokens.

b. Insufficient authorized quota: The user should not deposit an amount higher than the remaining authorized quota. The user's remaining authorization quota could also be too small.

The solution is as follows:

i. Go to DeFiBox authorization project management → connect to the wallet you want to query. Click on the asset dashboard to view authorization management. You can view the authorize quota of the corresponding project.

ii. Go to HECO authorization management → or BSC authorization management → to view the authorization of the corresponding project. When the remaining quota is very small, you can choose to cancel the authorization; find the corresponding project to re-authorize and increase the authorization quota.

c. Insufficient HT/BNB: This happens when the user does not have enough HT/BNB to pay the transaction fee. To solve this issue, the user needs to deposit more HT or increase the gas fee.

d. Enter the corresponding address in the blockchain explorer. If the address does not have any transaction information, the problem is usually caused by the user's wallet.


i. Switch wallet node "TP wallet: [My]---[System Settings]---[Node Settings]"

ii. Try another wallet

2. Withdrawal Failure

As there are many reasons that could cause a withdrawal failure, you can troubleshoot with the following steps:

  • Wrong user operation: The user could misunderstand that "withdrawing earning" is the same as withdrawing principal.

  • Insufficient HT/BNB: The user might not have enough HT/BNB in his wallet to pay the transaction fee. To solve this issue, the user need to deposit more HT or increase the gas fee.

  • If the page shows that the withdrawal is successful and the balance is not updated, you can wait for about 10 seconds for the page to automatically update the balance.

  • There is txid, but it has not been confirmed for a long time. Generally this is due to the current block network congestion. You can solve the problem by increasing the gas price.

  • Usually when there are reminders like "node error" or no error message shown, it indicates that there is a problem with the corresponding node in the wallet. Some wallets provide the function of switching nodes, where you can directly switch nodes to solve the problem.


i. Switch wallet node " TP wallet: [My]---[System Settings]---[Node Settings]"

ii. Try another wallet

If there is transaction information, but the transaction fails, please check the following information:

i. The gaslimit given by the user is too low, causing the operation to fail.

Solution: adjust the gaslimit of the wallet to 8600000

ii. If the user's transaction is always pending, it means that the gasprice set is too low.


Wait for the miner to pack the transactions. In addition, HECO recommends gasprice=1 gwei, and BSC recommends gasprice=5 gwei. If the network is congested, increase the gasprice by 1 to 2 times.

3. Why can't I find the funds if I transfer them directly to the CoinWind contract address?

A direct transfer to the contract address is equivalent to direct burn, where you will not be able to retrieve the funds. The contract address does not have a private key, and no one can retrieve the transferred assets.

4. The GAS fee of the MetaMask wallet is not enough/smooth.

Solution 1: You can speed up the transactions and double the gaslimit and gas price.

Solution 2: MetaMask -- Settings -- Advanced -- Reset Account

Solution 3: MetaMask -- Settings-- Advanced -- Enable Advanced Gas Control -- Enable Customize Transaction Once -- Find the nonce of the pending transaction -- Re-initiate a transaction with the same nonce and increase the gas fee

5. Where can I check all authorized addresses and limits of the wallet?

The following links can be accessed in the wallet:

HECO authorization management →

BSC authorization management →

Select the corresponding authorized address. Choose to cancel or reserve the authorization

Note: please make sure you uncheck here.

Go to DeFiBox authorized project management → manage authorized projects. The projects which are not included in DeFiBox are displayed as unknown projects

6. How to check contract information?

To check HECO chain information

To check BSC chain information

To check ETH chain information

You can check detailed information on the chain, including the latest block information, asset transfer information, gas fees, transaction time, etc.

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